Address: 235 W. Lake View Ave. Wasilla, AK 99654    Reservation Line: 907-357-0352

Event Spaces in Wasilla, AK

Lake Lucille offers many spacious areas for you to enjoy, relax, and getaway. Lake Lucille also offers a fully equipped cook-in kitchen, containing all the pots, pans, gadgets, and appliances found in any home kitchen, for you to make your own home-cooked meals during your stay, or you may visit one of our local sit-down or fast food establishments.

Let our bed and breakfast host your crafting and quilting retreat.

Guests can also step out into the fresh air and enjoy outdoor seating, the gazebo, surrounding gardens, and more mountain views.

We believe that good hospitality includes good home-cooked food. Please tell us if you are interested in coffee service, breakfast, or afternoon tea.

Imagine a whole weekend of uninterrupted creativity! Enjoy cozy and complete accommodations for 10 – 12 to sleep comfortably and a spacious studio for 10 – 12 to craft to your heart’s content.

Our studio area is designed to be the perfect workshop to spread out and get productive! With all your supplies at hand and plenty of space, you can experience the joy of seeing your projects come together.

Crafting Retreats

Quilting Retreats


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